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While the UK games industry divided up neatly into retailers, distributors and developers, todays it’s a far more diverse network of businesses. The lines between developers and publishers have been blurred by digital publishing, smaller businesses might need to consider issues such as marketing and PR, while larger operations now include specialists, such as community relations and influencer management.

Then we have recruitment specialists, middleware providers, social media platforms, merchandisers, event organisers and many, many more.

MCV exists to support everyone in UK games. We will support your business and give you a platform to have your voice heard. We want to help you increase the size of total gaming revenue in the UK by connecting businesses and encouraging best practice.

Consumers are playing more games than ever, let’s make sure that we keep it that way. MCV is published by NewBay, which specialises in entertainment, leisure and technology markets. It sits alongside Develop and eSports Pro in NewBay’s gaming portfolio, giving specialist coverage to every aspect of this ever growing industry