Qutee: How FIFA influencers are championing new ways of digital community engagement

There’s been much speculation of late as to whether UK Premier League defending is getting worse, or whether it’s simply harder due to the wealth of attacking talent lined up by the league’s biggest spenders. In FIFA 18, it appears that art is imitating life, with many gamers complaining that, in an otherwise hugely popular new game, defending is a bit on the tricky side.

For gaming influencers, user feedback is critical in informing the FIFA 18 video content they share with their digital communities. The problem they’ve had in the past is finding a way of getting meaningful audience insight due to the limitations of YouTube’s comments functionality. As influencer CapgunTom explains: “I had problems with unmoderatable comments on YouTube for a long time, leaving me with poor quality data that had no meaning or was too easy to misinterpret.”

‘Data influencers’ such as CapgunTom want real-time insight on their communities so that they can create a continuous feedback loop around their content. To achieve this, they’re using a data-driven comments platform called Qutee, that analyses comments and makes online discussion trackable, archivable, discoverable and permanent. 

“The first Qutee I ran was to better understand the skill level of my audience,” says CapgunTom. “The results were surprising. I asked where my viewers ranked each week in the weekend league and what I found was that 50 per cent of my audience couldn’t even qualify for the league. I’ve now adjusted the sort of tips and tricks I give my audience to make them more solid players and hopefully help them qualify in future.”

"For gaming influencers, user feedback is critical in informing the FIFA 18 video content they share with their digital communities."

Tim Wilson, Qutee

With FIFA 18, CapgunTom has already polled 350 users on their preferred gaming mode: 88 per cent cited Ultimate Team mode as their preference – evidence of just how popular this mode has become in recent years. The reason most often cited, by 47 per cent of gamers, was the thrill of ‘opening new packs’ within the game. 

YouTube FIFA gaming is hugely competitive and HomelesPenguin, whose channel has more than 250,000 subscribers, explains that this is in part because “the virtual market available within the game is divided – players’ prices and availability are different between the two main consoles. Using information from Qutee, I was able to understand which console my audience wanted me to use in future videos.”

Another influencer, Oakelfish, cites similar benefits, noting: “I’m now tailoring my content based on the polls that I run with my audience, so that I’m creating videos on the FIFA players people actually want to see rather than taking a guess.”

FIFA 18 has been on general release for just two weeks, and already these influencers have amassed meaningful feedback from thousands of gamers, which is being used to inform future videos. 

And while these FIFA influencers are definitely on side, this approach is already hitting the mark for a growing number of other popular gaming communities, too. 

Tim Wilson is co-founder and CEO of Qutee, the world’s most advanced digital comments system, which lets any content publisher unlock deeper analysis and insight on their digital communities.