Zelda boss acknowledges demand for Majora’s Mask remake

Alex Calvin
Zelda boss acknowledges demand for Majora’s Mask remake

Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma has said that he is aware of the demand for a remake of Majora's Mask.

The Zelda bosssaid in an interview with Kotaku that he has heard to fans demanding he revist the title.

Not only this – he admits to toying with fans by including Majora's Mask on a wall in recent 3DS title A Link Between Worlds.

I do know that fans want to seeMajora's Mask. I've heard that voice, it's very, very strong, and I'm always listening, is what I would say,” he said.

Maybe I was toying with them a little [with the mask in A Link Between Worlds]. I'm doing everything I can. I hear the voices of the fans. There are so many out there. It's very loud, and just to acknowledge the fact that the need, the want is out there, I put that in there.”

Following the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time in 2011 man were hopeful of Majora's Mask getting a similar treatment. There have been teasers, such as the aforementioned easter egg in A Link Between Worlds, but no actual details.

Some thought that Zelda Williams' presence at this year's show was to do with a remake of the title, but in fact she was just taking part in a celebrity Super Smash Bros tournament.

Majora's Mask launched in 2000 for the Nintendo 64.

Nintendo revealed a new open-world Zelda title at this year's E3. There is also a Zelda/Dynasty Warriors title in the works called Hyrule Warriors.