Kalypso acquires Ascaron assets

Kalypso acquires Ascaron assets

Kalypso Media has acquire most of insolvent publisher Ascaron's brands, intangible assets and exploitation rights.

The deal has been signed with the German administrators, Pielemeyer & Welsch.

Kalypso will take over the full rights of Ascaron brands such as DarkStar One, Patrician and Port Royale.

However, MCV understands that a few existing licence agreements hold by Ascaron UK will stay with the Ascaron until expiration.

Kalypso will also hold a majority share of a new studio which will be established mutually with former Ascaron lead designers Kay Struve and Daniel Dumont. The 12 ex-employees of Ascaron will be employed at the new studio.

Managing Director of Kalypso Simon Hellwig said: We are very proud of this deal, which allows us to continue the development of well-known brands, to create a high potential of further growth and to secure some of the teams jobs as well.”