Lastest PWNED_ goes live

Ben Parfitt
Lastest PWNED_ goes live

Boxing star David Haye is the star of the second episode of EA's online video games magazine PWNED_, which has just gone live.

The London-born WBA World Heavyweight Champion chats to hosts Matt Cuttle and Sian Welby about his involvement in the publisher's 2011 release Fight Night Champion.

The show also goes behind the scenes at Swedish developer DICE to discover how it went about creating the trailers and audio for the recently released Vietnam DLC for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Viewers also get the first heads up on a brand new weapon in People Can Fly's 2011 shooter Bulletstorm while the PWNED_ computer meet up with Aaron Cohen from The Sims: Medieval.

The official PWNED_ web portal can be found here.