Die Hard 4 skips consoles

Ben Parfitt
Mobile games firm Gameloft has secured the exclusive game rights to 20th Century Fox's Live Free or Die Hard, meaning that the latest Hollywood instalment to the series will not be gracing consoles or PC.

The game, also called Live Free or Die Hard, will be exclusive to mobile phones and is due to be released shortly before the film on June 27th.

"The Die Hard series has been extremely successful and we are pleased to be working with 20th Century Fox to extend the brand experience to mobile phones," Gameloft's vice president Gonzague de Vallois stated.

"The fans of the Die Hard films are literally 'die-hard,' and we are eager to deliver a game that brings the action, intrigue and humour of the movie to gamers and fans."

The Die Hard movies have enjoyed mixed success on consoles in the past, with the most celebrated release being 1996's Die Hard Trilogy on PC, PlayStation and Saturn.