Valve introduces Steam Trading Cards

Erik Johnson
Valve introduces Steam Trading Cards

Valve has announced the beta launch of its Steam Trading Cards program, allowing users of the digital PC games service to earn and use game-specific virtual cards to gain discounts on games and profile flair.

The beta launch line-up includes Valve titles Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Portal 2 and Half-Life 2; as well as indie survival game Don't Starve.

Participants can earn trading cards in two ways: playing the corresponding game, and trading with other players. Only half of each game's set can be earned in-game, so trading is a mandatory part of the game if you want to collect them all.

Cards can then be turned in as payment for rewards via a surprisingly deep leveling system, including profile showcases, badges, backgrounds, emoticons, game discount coupons and more.

Additional profile allowances and extra customization options seem to be the name of the meta-game. Along with all the cosmetic additions and changes that can be earned, there's even a way to increase the maximum amount of users on your friends list.

Those interested in participating can sign-up now via the Steam Trading Cards community group. Valve intends to add more games to the aforementioned line-up as they finish the corresponding set of cards and implement them into the program and the title itself.