Microsoft: Xbox One X will sell 4K TVs

Seth Barton
Microsoft: Xbox One X will sell 4K TVs
Xbox One X and Samsung TV deal

A key worry with the new consoles has been that the installed base of 4K TVs is still somewhat limited compared to the mass-penetration of 1080p sets. However, one Xbox executive is turning that problem upside down.

Albert Penello, who leads marketing for Xbox consoles globally told MCV that TV manufacturers were very keen on Xbox One X, saying: “There’s a mutual benefit. They need the content to drive uptake, so they are asking us how they can demo Xbox One X on their TVs, as they want to sell those TVs.”

New TV technologies, and new content for those TVs, has long been a chicken and egg debate. And with 4K at the core of what the One X wants to achieve, its takeup is undoubtedly related to the uptake of 4K TVs - but it's arguably a two-way relationship that benefits both markets, and not simply a problem for 4K consoles.

"There’s a mutual benefit. They need the content to drive uptake"

Albert Penello, Xbox

“It’s been an interesting marketing challenge,” Penello tells us. “We have momentum on our side, which helps. The majority of TVs sold this year will be 4K TVs, there are all kind of analysts reports, and within the next few years everything will be 4K. So it’s coming, in terms of retail of displays.”

To further this relationship Microsoft is working with Samsung on marketing and retail.

The same could have been said of the PS4 Pro, which launched a year earlier than its Microsoft rival, when such TVs were rarer still. For its part Sony has recently used its brand-specific 4K/HDR logo increasingly on adverts for the PS4 Pro. As seen below in this image taken from the end of a FIFA 18 video advert.