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eSports Pro 1 28/07/2016

  • NEWS: We can unlock big sponsors for pro gaming, says EA
  • OPINION: eSports expert Dominic Sacco on how eSports can become a force in the UK
  • OPINION: Mainstream brands are at risk of being left behind by the digital generation, ESL UK’s co-managing director Spike Laurie says
  • OPINION: SuperData’s Joost ven Dreunen discusses the challenge that could hold back competitive gaming
  • THE BIG INTERVIEW: EA talks about its new division dedicated to competitive gaming
  • ESPORTS REGULATION: As pro-gaming prize pools increase in size, so does the desire to win. We investigate on whether eSports require better regulation or not
  • DATA: SuperData shares its latest figures about the size and projected growth of the global eSports market
  • ANALYSIS: Ginx, Hitbox and Twitch discuss the future of watching eSports
  • INTERVIEW: Twitch’s battle to remain the top dog of eSports streaming
  • INTERVIEW: eGames, the tournament that wants to put ‘pride before cash’
  • ANALYSIS: We look at the ways that companies can make money from the burgeoning pro-gaming scene
  • PLUS! Team Dignitas’ profile, James ‘Bakery’ Baker’s player profile and the eSports accessories guide

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eSports Pro 1
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