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Vicious Cycle Software, Inc

Vicious Cycle Software, Inc

Vicious Cycle Software, Inc. is a company born of the vicious cycle that is today's computer games industry. When layoffs at Hasbro Interactive closed the MicroProse development studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in January 2000, many of us at that studio recognized that we worked too well as a team to simply go our separate ways. Working at breakneck speed and making use of our many contacts in the industry, we managed to get Vicious Cycle Software up and running in less than four months, officially opening our doors on April 3, 2000.

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Company name: Vicious Cycle Software, Inc
Address: 3005 Carrington Mill Blvd
Suite 500
North Carolina
Telephone number: 919-370-3000
Fax: 919-370-3010