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IGDA Melbourne Ninja Clapping Christmas

IGDA Melbourne Ninja Clapping Christmas

6th Nov 2011

Location: TBC
Venue: TBC

Event Description

IGDAM is a local games development community network in Melbourne, encouraging networking and education amongst all tiers of the industry. 

One of the highlights on the IGDAM calendar is the annual Christmas get together.  

In the past we have approached local studios for sponsorship, but this year we would love to see a community based funding model.

If you have ever been along and got something from the monthly igdam events, you should chip in for this event.

If you have no idea what this is all about, but like playing games, you should support their creators by helping us to our goal. 

If you're wondering what ninjas and clapping have to do with anything, you should play more games (and chip in).
If you're just a top person who likes to encourage community support and development, you should chip in.
Who knows...this may also end up as some kind of public space performance thanks to Danish clapping, and ninja games. 

If the goal is met, we can arrange all the catering and location for this epic Melbourne games dev event.  Any additional funds raised will go to improving the quality and quantity of supplies.  All rewards are indicative and further details will be finalised when we know what we're working with.

Thanks for your time, this is a new avenue and experience for me, so let's see how it goes shall we? I guess some of that's up to you!

Jeremy Kool was kind enough to create our clapping ninja image - you should check out The Paper Fox project on Pozible too, it's gorgeous.

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