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Monetising Mobile: Next Gen Search and Discovery

Monetising Mobile: Next Gen Search and Discovery

28th Sep 2011

Location: London, UK
Venue: Soho Hotel

Event Description

The fourth Monetising Mobile event will examine the many exciting new forms of mobile discovery 'beyond the keyboard'.

This is an area of extraordinary innovation, all made possible by advances in handset technology around the camera and accelerometer.

These advances are shaping a new approach to search on mobile – think Shazam, Google Goggles, Layar and more.

The idea of 'wave, speak, scan or photograph' to discover content – rather than typing into a search box – is creating compelling new opportunities for brands, publishers and content providers.

This conference will explore these ideas, and address:

  • Audio discovery
  • Image recognition
  • 2D barcodes
  • NFC
  • Augmented Reality
  • Voice-activated search
  • Picture activated search

Here's the schedule for the evening:

5:00 Introduction and market overview
Tim Green – executive editor, Mobile Entertainment

5.05 Voice and image recognition in WinPho 7
Nick Hedderman, marketing manager, Microsoft
A walk-through of the advanced features in Mango reflecting its commitment to 'mobile meets physical'

5:20 Making posters smart with NFC tags
Rupert Englander, head of services, Nokia UK and Ireland
Nokia has launched a 'smart poster' service called NFC Hub to help businesses buy generic NFC tagged posters, aimed at directing people to websites, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and other URLs.

5.30 Voice recognition – in the app and on the car dashboard
Reimund Schmald, marketing manager (mobile division) EMEA, Nuance
Over 2,000 developers enrolled in Nuance's programme to enable apps with voice-recognition. Here's a chance to find out more about the opportunity.

5.45 How Audi used augmented reality to supercharge its branded app
Maani Safa, product director, Somo
Petrolheads loved Audi's Le Mans app, which let them race cars around their real-world desks when they pointed their phone at a special marker. Maani Safa explains the concept and the results.

6.00 Audio recognition: how the phone can 'hear' the message
Katie McMahon, VP of sales and marketing, SoundHound
SoundHound lets users search for music by holding their phone to a music source, singing into the mic or even just saying the name of the artist they like. But it's just the start...

6.15 Transforming the retail experience: putting AR into POS
Matt Mills, head of sales, Aurasma
Find out how Panasonic and Aurasma transformed a static photographic image with rich video from the Lumix G3 campaign in POS at Best Buy, Comet, Dixons Travel, Jessops and John Lewis.

6.25 Barcodes: Preparing to go mainstream?
David Marutiak, UK MD, Scanbuy
In an average month over 400,000 unique codes are scanned by the ScanLife app. Suddenly 2D barcodes are suddenly everywhere. Here, one of the leaders in the space explains why.

6.40 Coffee break

7.00 Speedy product demos

* Ben Stevenson, Augmented Reality Cinema
Hold up your phone to reveal the famous movie scenes filmed on your street...

* Ambarish Mitra, CEO, Blippar
Putting AR onto product packaging to initiate AR gaming fun – and doing it with Cadbury

* Steve Semenzato, VP of business development, Cortexica
Image recognition is one thing, but now video recognition is possible

7.15 Roundtable discussion

Your chance to ask questions on the subjects under discussion with...

* Rich Keen, marketing  director, IGN Entertainment UK
* Nick Hedderman, marketing manager, Microsoft
* Maani Safa, product director, Somo
* Katie McMahon, VP of sales and marketing, SoundHound
* David Marutiak, UK MD, Scanbuy

8.00 Networking, dinner, drinks

12pm Event closes

Monetising Mobile is a little different from most conferences. The discussion starts at 5pm and proceeds to 8pm, and this is followed by an informal dinner, drinks and lots of networking.

Tickets cost £249.

The event is sponsored by IGN, Nuance, Somo and SoundHound.

For more information about tickets and sponsorship opportunities contact or call 01992 535648.

Those interested in speaking should mail: or call +44 (0)1992 535646.

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