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Virtual Worlds London

Virtual Worlds London

20th Oct 2008 - 21st Oct 2008

Location: Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London

Event Description

VW London is presented by Virtual Worlds News, the VW business news authority and supported by international industry leaders.

Visit the website here.

Conference Speakers include:

  1. Dave Anderson, Head of Interactive, BBC Worldwide
  2. Victoria Coleman, Vice President, Samsung Electronics
  3. Guy de Beer, CEO, Playcast Media Systems Ltd.
  4. John Hengeveld, Senior Business Strategist, Intel
  5. Martin Herdina, CEO, Fatfoogoo AG
  6. Adam Hildreth, Founder and President, Crisp
  7. Ian Hughes/epredator, Metaverse Evangelist, IBM
  8. Mark Kingdon, Chief Executive Officer, Linden Lab
  9. Andrew (Roo) Reynolds, Portfolio Executive for Social Media, BBC Vision
  10. Cindy H. Rose, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Walt Disney Internet Group EMEA
  11. Joey Seiler, Editor, & Virtual Worlds Weekly

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