Activision fined €1m for price fixing

Dominic Sacco
Activision fined €1m for price fixing

The European Court of Justice has fined Activision Blizzard €1m (£845,000) for raising the price of games.

Nintendo and seven distributors were originally fined €167.8m (£1.4m) collectively for fixing console and game prices between 1991 and 1997. One of which is Activision Blizzard Germany – formerly known as CD-Contact Data.

Activision Blizzard was initially fined €1m, but the court later reduced this to €500,000 (£422,500) in April 2009 for the firm having a “passive role” in the price fixing scandal.

However, the fine has been raised to €1m again today after the European Court of Justice dismissed Activision’s initial appeal against the fine.


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