All I want for Christmas...

Ben Parfitt
All I want for Christmas...
Doug Bone, Square Enix
1) Gamers to inherit the Earth back (from Nicole Kidman, Patrick Stewart, Julie Walters and their chums).
2) A publisher merger/acquisition to take place, but without all of their rivals instantly pretending to “welcome the challenge”, whilst secretly running to the toilet every ten minutes.
3) Larry Sparks to get through a meeting without reminding me how successful Tomb Raider was.

Andy Payne, Mastertronic/ELSPA

1) For Garry Williams to stop quoting the Treaty of Rome, referring to ‘Long Tails’, ‘slicing of the salami’, ‘pocket money prices’, ‘delaystation’ and other meaningless jargon in our new office.
2) For Garry Williams to read his incoming emails and actually understand them before jumping to conclusions, and to cease and desist from providing a Les Dawson-style version of assorted Pussy Cat Dolls tracks every time a female member of staff walks into the office.
3) Thus leading to Garry Williams reading his outward bound emails and ensuring that they are focused, to the point and free of double line spacing, rants and quadruple dots. Oh yes, and for said mails to refer to the sender’s subject matter as opposed to resembling the ramblings of James Joyce on a bad day with piles. If Jesus and/or Mohammed can deliver these, then I will convert to their religions toute suite!

Rob Saunders, Nintendo
1) To see video games to become more widely accepted as a credible, acceptable and mainstream entertainment pastime by mainstream media – we’re getting there slowly, but there’s still a lot of educating to do.
2) For developers and publishers to continue to produce the amazing range, breadth and quality of software we’ve seen this year – I’m struggling to remember a point since the 16-bit era where we’ve had so many great ‘must play’ titles all in one year. I think 2007 will be remembered as a great year for our industry.
3) For MCV to use a better picture of me so people no longer believe that the UK PR manager for Nintendo is actually Julian Clary.

Simon Jeffery, Sega Of America
1) That Mike Hayes doesn’t drink all the Sauvignon Blanc.
2) That MCV puts together a ‘40 over 40’ feature next year.
3) That Stephen Beale leaves EastEnders. He is really starting to do my head in.

Nick Arran, Amazon
1) For a developer to use the full power PS3 has to offer and bring us a great, exclusive next gen game.   
2) To not come last again in the next MCV Pub Quiz.
3) For Dr Kawashima to announce drinking beer is good for the brain.

Margaret Pearson, Centresoft

1) All my publishing partners to have a Christmas number one.
2) I get a long vacation in Panama via Hartlepool, and not get caught!
3) Seriously, peace on earth, and health, wealth and happiness in 2008 for all my friends and colleagues in the games industry!

Maria Deevoy, Warner Bros
1) A copy of Super Mario Galaxy and Assassin’s Creed.
2) Sunshine in Sydney on Christmas day – as that’s where I’ll be, throwing a snag or two on the barbie.
3) World peace. But if that’s out of stock then I’d just settle on a Wii for everyone.

Gavin Ogden, CVG Online
1) I’d love to get hold of Eidos’ ‘rumoured’ EastEnders game that features Well ‘ard as a playable character and a mini-game along the lines of ‘Arthur’s Harvest Moon.’ My mum can't wait!
2) I wish the nation’s press would mention video games without referring to the usual culprits and parent-scaring headlines. It gives us all a bad name.
3) My biggest wish would be for the internet to agree to take a week off over Christmas. It’s heartbreaking having to watch all the magazine teams go home and laugh about not touching a keyboard until January 3rd. CVG updates on Christmas Day? Very likely, after lunch.

Martin Mathers, Official Nintendo Magazine

1) For someone, anyone, to make a truly decent movie licence game next year. How come it’s so hard? I only played one good one this year (thanks, EA) and the rest made me cry real man tears twice; once when I had to play them for review and then again when the same games sat at the top of the charts for weeks on end. 2008 had best be an improvement – come on, Iron Man.
2) The day I don’t have to see sub-PS2 ports of really bad games being churned out on my beloved Wii on the cheap, I’ll quit being a gaming hack and die a happy man. Suffice to say, I expect to be here a long time yet.
3) For my soon-to-be-born baby boy to end up being absolutely nothing like me. Lord knows I’m a cynical arsehole these days. The last thing this world needs is another me running around, saying everything’s rubbish.

Alex Verrey, MadCatz

1) Mario Galaxy to last past Boxing Day.  I’m a child and thus I’m saving this one for Christmas (it’s what baby Jesus would do). Alas, I know that devious Italian plumber only too well.  Five minutes of hypnotizing me with his innocent looking moustache and carefree yelps and I’m moving faster than I do to an all-you-can-eat buffet. By midnight I’ll be working hard not to finish off Bowser just so it can last for another rapturous minute.
2) Activision and Vivendi not to buy my soul. They can afford it and they know it. First the games industry, then my mum’s used Fiesta, and then people’s eternal souls. Is this a future we want for our children? I think not.
3) Mad Catz, Joytech and Saitek to usher in a new dawn of peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. I maintain that this can be achieved through the healing power of accessories. If wireless controllers can work with no lag or dropout then surely they can move mountains? Granted, my hypothesis needs a little fleshing out but a man can dream can’t he?

David Yarnton, Nintendo
1) To work to sustain the momentum of 2007 and build upon it in 2008 to help bring our products to more people than ever before and help to grow the UK market.
2) To gain a fairer and more representative share of space for our products at retail.
3) For the office air conditioning to be fixed once and for all so we don’t have to continue to endure sub-zero temperatures every day.

Adrian Clews, Ghostlight
1) For people to stop randomly asking me: “I hear you work in the games industry, can you get me a Wii?”
2) A Wii.
3) Bird flu vaccine.

Jane Cavanagh, SCi/Eidos
1) That the UK Government would realise just how creative and important to the economy the UK games industry really is and make a concerted effort to embrace it and support it. Look at what other countries are doing to ensure that they attract and keep development talent and make their countries an attractive place for publishers to invest in.
2) Kick off the New Year with Conflict: Denied Ops at the number one slot in the charts.
3) See Tim Ingham nominated for Best Journalist Of The Year.
(I couldn’t agree more Jane – Tim)

David Braben, Frontier
1) Some appreciation and respect from our politicians for all the revenue we generate for this country.
2) Fewer second-hand games in our retailers, as in the long run it will kill retail sales.
3) Fewer pompous wishes for things that will not happen!

Martin Defries, Rising Star Games

1) That RSG continues to stick it to the man with an All Formats number one with No More Heroes for Wii.
2) That it is the season again for Arsene Wenger’s Invincibles.
3) That my Blackberry terminally fails and I remain unreachable for just a few wee hours.

Stephen McGill, Microsoft
Three Christmas Wishes eh? I was going to say lose weight, but since I’ve said that ten years running and each year I put on more, I’m shelving that plan for this Christmas.
1) To get my Xbox Live Gamerscore ‘fluffed’ to 50,000 points (I’ll even pay). Just don’t tell my team where the points came from – it was all me.
2) Convince Alan Duncan (bass), Gary Booker (lead guitar), Dawn Paine (vocals) and me (drums) that we should form a industry band to play Rock Band at next year’s MCV Awards.
3) Reading to stay up, Birmingham and Spurs to go down.

Simon Byron, BHPR
Dear Father Christmas.
I’ve been a pretty good boy this year, I think. I’ve kept my bedroom tidy as we discussed last time, and I’ve not got too angry at the ‘Wimmin In Games’ lot. I've still failed to understand what the Second Life fuss is all about, but that's probably because I'm not a disgusting sex pervert.
For next year, I’d really like the following:
1) Fewer drunken MSN conversations between a PR and a journalist sent to me as a thinly-veiled threat, particularly when I was sorting it all out anyway. If you are going to email me such a transcript, I’d at least delete the bit where you slag me off.
2) Less shameless promotion within the pages of MCV. It's getting more and more ridiculous. I was discussing just this sort of thing on One Life Left, the top-rated radio show and podcast I co-present (which you can subscribe to via iTunes), and on, the blog I co-run, which is available on the Internet.
3) A new widescreen TV. If I promise to give you a high review score in the lifestyle magazine I write for, will you get one for me? Many thanks. Love, Simon Byron, recently aged 36.

Rick Porter, GamesTM
1) Rock Band. Has anyone else tried importing the damned thing? I’m on my second cancelled order now. I’m not requesting the actual product here – that’s far too expensive for a Christmas wish – just that the actual process ceases to be so infuriating.
2) A friend of a friend has informed me that Nerf now has a sniper rifle available. A childish addition to my Christmas list, perhaps, but the opportunity to deliver foam punishment to all within 35 feet of me would be welcomed.
3) The fact that Christmas advertising will soon end is gift enough for me. The pairing of Morrisons and Lulu has made this particular festive season hellish as far as television is concerned. Rhyming ‘cheese’ with ‘please’ is neither big nor clever.

Neil Handa, Gem
1) Xbox 360 reigns as king of the consoles.
2) Duke Nukem Forever is released and the gaming world is stunned. Pigs fly.
3) The England football team actually learn how to play football and begin to be worth their ridiculous salaries.

Dean Barrett, Bastion
1) Solidification of the consolidation issue – try saying that after a few egg nogs.
2) A new crop of plucky publishers and determined developers. I see a theme...
3) More inspirational clients, like the ones that we already have, who appreciate the value that we add. And, of course, peace, health and happiness to MCV readers, one and all.


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