ALRC seeks focus groups for classification scheme revision

Leigh Harris
ALRC seeks focus groups for classification scheme revision

The Australian Law Reform Commission is calling for volunteers to view current media content and focus group the upcoming changes to the classification system.

The plan is for 2 groups of 15 adults to serve as a pilot project, determining the usefulness of public consultations for future assessment panels.

Applicants will be viewing and discussing materials which are permitted at higher MA15+ and R18+ categories, and must be over 18 years of age to participate. This material will most likely pertain to violence, although other classifiable elements including sex scenes, drug use and themes, coarse language and nudity will also be covered.

The aim of the focus group is to determine community standards based on currently available media, and presumably to shape the criteria of suitable games and films for each of the age rating standards accordingly.

The selection will be complete by 14th October, and applications close on 19th September. There are no fees associated with participation, however in the interests of being inclusive the ALRC will pay flight expenses and hotels as required.

Gaming-savvy people need to be amongst the groups in order to see that people who understand the medium represent it fairly. Those interested can apply online at the ALRC web site.


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