Amazon sellers hike price as red 3DS runs low

Ben Parfitt
Amazon sellers hike price as red 3DS runs low

Some may have questioned MCV’s assertion that the Metallic Red 3DS is running out on the UK High Street, but evidence this morning very much backs it up.

Though the red SKU of the console is still available from a number of outlets, it’s fast selling out and many – a fact that sellers on Amazon have been quick to take advantage.

Traders on the leading online retail portal are currently selling the console for £189.50. That’s a £70 hike on the standard price. And at the time of writing Amazon claims to only have four units in stock.

The handheld is also out of stock at both ShopTo or Zavvi.

And it looks like the High Street is running low, too.

MCV’s man on the ground also discovered that the SKU was out of stock at GAME Oxford Street last week, as well as in a number of Sainsbury’s stores.


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It's worth pointing out that it's not actually Amazon hiking its price, but a different seller, raregames-uk, selling through Amazon. When Amazon runs out of stock of something it often lists a price from one of its sellers instead. If you click on the New/Used section you can see that it's actually still £119.99 from Amazon, albeit out of stock.

Chris Scullion

Chris Scullion INDUSTRY
Dec 8th 2011 at 10:28AM

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Chris is right, its a 3rd party that's taking advantage of the limited stock, not Amazon hiking its price. For me, I'm using a tool to watch it when Amazon restocks and get it at the retail price of £119.99. If you're interested, check out

Mike Stone

Dec 18th 2011 at 10:35PM

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