Apple staff told to cancel October holidays

Ben Parfitt
Apple staff told to cancel October holidays

Claims have emerged that staff members of UK Apple stores have been told to cancel any holiday booked for the first two weeks of October.

Such claims have been made and passed without event before, but it just so happens that early October has already been fingered as the launch window for the iPhone 5.

Channel Register reports that senior Apple management informed store staff of the temporary measures recently.

Previous reports had pointed to the new device launching on October 5th.

Bets are still open as to what form the new iPhone will take. Some claim that it will be a minor upgrade to the iPhone 4 – an iPhone 4S, basically – while others claim that a more significant upgrade is on the cards.

There are still those who reckon that Apple is preparing two new iPhones – an upgraded version of the iPhone 4 and a lower-spec entry-level model.


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Canceling already booked holiday! I think you will find thats not allowed under uk employment law, unless its stated in the employees contract of course and even thats a bit circumspect.

I for one will belive it when it happens

Allen Smith

Allen Smith STUDENT
Sep 27th 2011 at 2:26PM

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