Aussie Telegraph claims 'Video Games Sending Kids Crazy'

Leigh Harris
Aussie Telegraph claims 'Video Games Sending Kids Crazy'

Earnest and reputable mainstream newspaper The Daily Telegraph has today run a headline warning parents about the dangers of videogames.

The print edition ran the headline 'Video Games Sending Kids Crazy', while online the tag was 'Games Wage War on Young Minds.' Meanwhile, the full article carried the significantly more descriptive headline 'Distressed families flood psychiatrists over children dangerously addicted to computer games and the internet.'

The 'flooding' in question comes from the news that videogame addiction and internet addiction are currently candidates for inclusion in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, although no numbers are given to support the growth of the condition.

For a more detailed look at this story, visit MCV Pacific.


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Saw this on my way to work, literally stopped me in my tracks. Took a photo and uploaded to Facebook. Another classic 'Games = Bad' article. I think parents need to get involved more in their kids lives and take action. Rather than letting them play games all night and all weekend and then wonder why its such a major part of their life. Turn the console/PC off at bed time, taking away the power cable. Take the console/pc out of the kids room to a public part of the house so they can be supervised not hidden away. Parents don't manage their kids these days and as such we have kids who don't respect anyone or anything other than their own opinion, wants and needs.

Darren Bennett

Darren Bennett INDUSTRY
Nov 29th 2011 at 2:35AM

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