Bethesda announces third Skyrim DLC - Dragonborn

Ben Parfitt
Bethesda announces third Skyrim DLC - Dragonborn

A third piece of downloadable content has been announced for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

It’s called Dragonborn and will be released on December 4th. It will cost 1,600 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.

A debut trailer can be seen below and suggests that the content will very much return to the epic scale and dramatic sensibilities of the game’s core offering. Note the dragon riding.

The first Skyrim DLC was called Dawnguard and was released on May 1st. It concentrated on vampires and offered players the chance to either befriend the vamps or take up arms against them.

The game’s second DLC, Hearthfire, was released in September and allowed players to build, decorate and customise their own homes.

Here’s the Dragonborn video:


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