Braben admits Elite Dangerous pricing 'looks terribly capitalist'

Ben Parfitt
Braben admits Elite Dangerous pricing 'looks terribly capitalist'

You can play Elite: Dangerous RIGHT NOW. Providing you're willing to pay £100.

That's the price Frontier is charging for the game plus access to the Premium. The Standard Beta SKU is £50 and the game £35 – with the option of a further £35 for the DLC Expansion Pass.

Access to the now finished Alpha cost a whopping £200.

"We've taken flak for it," Frontier boss David Braben told Eurogamer. "We've planned it this way for sound reasons, and part of that is going towards backing the game. We don't have a publisher here. That backing helps financially.

"But the important thing for the alpha is, for it to be a genuine alpha, we didn't want huge numbers. Maybe we shouldn't have restricted it by price but it seemed like a logical thing to do. It seemed like a fair thing to do.

"We could have thought more carefully about that. It looks like a terribly capitalist way of doing it. That's the trouble. I mean it in the nicest possible way. It's when you think about it you think, oh yes, that does look a bit bad.

“But it's because what we've got is a group of people who really care about it. And that's been so helpful.”


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