Bullish Microsoft reveals HD-DVD drive for 360

The firm delivered a keynote address at the Las Vegas event in which the Microsoft boss confirmed it will be taking on Sony’s Blu Ray-ready PS3 with its own external HD-DVD-supporting add-on later this year. And while no price point was announced, the device is expected to retail lower than standalone players, which are set to launch at upwards of £300 in the UK.

Global marketing boss Peter Moore took to the stage after Gates to announce that Microsoft has also taken on a new manufacturer, Celestica, which joins Wistron and Flextronics in the rush to ship the 5.5m Xbox 360s worldwide that Moore predicted by June, with over 50 game releases also forecast in the same time frame.

Despite being sold largely in pre-order bundles in the US and Europe, Moore also stressed the high attach rate Xbox 360 has enjoyed since launch which, according to Microsoft, was an average of four games and three accessories per console.


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