Chart adopts a family feel

After failing to dent the listings in their first week of release, Midway’s Happy Feet and Eidos’ Buzz-enabled Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Party Edition make an impact on their second week of release, claiming positions 18 and 25 respectively.

Other accessible titles improving on last week’s performance include LucasArts’ Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, which climbs one place to seventh, and THQ’s Cars, up from ten to nine. Sony’s Buzz! trio all claim a chart place too, with The Big Quiz, Junior: Jungle Party and The Sports Quiz claiming 27th, 31st and 40th respectively.

At the higher reaches of the charts, EA continues its dominance claiming three of the top five games. FIFA 07 retains first spot ahead of Need for Speed: Carbon in second position. Also in the top five is The Sims 2 Pets at five.

Thing are looking good for the software market, with last week seeing sales grow to the highest level so far this year, improving by nearly 20 per cent on the previous week. Sales didn’t match the same level as this week last year, though, as this was when Microsoft’s Xbox 360 finally arrived in Europe.

Despite this, sales for the year to date are up nearly six per cent, with impressive sales of PS2 software leading the charge.


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