Cult Dreamcast hit Seaman resurrected for 3DS

Ben Parfitt
Cult Dreamcast hit Seaman resurrected for 3DS

One of the most fascinating games ever released on console is to be revived for a fresh outing on 3DS.

Nikkei reports that Nintendo has made a strategic decision to resurrect certain properties from third party publishers which it believes is suitable for the handheld.

And the first game to come to light is none other than 1999 curioso Dreamcast.

The game, which is a Sega property, was one of the few to take advantage of the Dreamcast’s joypad microphone accessory. To all intents and purposes it is a virtual pet title, though its surreal tone, heart-warming tale and eerie narration from Leonard ‘Mr Spock’ Nimoy means it is fondly remembered by those who played it.

Despite getting a PS2 release in 2001, the game never made it to Europe despite releases in both Japan and North America. A sequel was released on PS2 in 2007 in Japan.

The 3DS, with its in-built microphone and touch screen, seems like an excellent host for a potential remake.


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