DICE: "Our rivals aren’t innovating"

Dominic Sacco

EA’s development studio DICE has put its rivals in the firing line again.

Last week the developer said its FPS competitors – which include Call of Duty’s Infinity Ward and Treyarch – are “getting lazy”. Now it says they are “not innovating, but treading water”.

“The competitors out there are established and they’re very, very big,” DICE’s general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson told games.on.net.

“We believe that they are not innovating, that they are treading water. We are investing our time, energy and money in actually innovating.”

“Every time that we release a new game, we ask ourselves – what can we do better? What can we make faster? More fun? So, first and foremost we always compete with ourselves.”

Troedsson also said DICE's upcoming Battlefield 3 shooter will beat its rivals, and that it’s the true sequel to Battlefield 2, unlike Bad Company.

Battlefield 3 will hit shelves this autumn on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Thanks, VG247.


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