Digital-only Alan Wake 2 confirmed

Ben Parfitt
Digital-only Alan Wake 2 confirmed

Microsoft will at next month’s Spike TV Video Game Awards announce a surprise successor to Xbox 360 horror title Alan Wake.

Furthermore the platform holder has confirmed that the game will be a digital-only release on Xbox Live.

Of course, this doesn’t mean retail is left out of the loop completely – clued up retailers like GAME are still likely to sell the game in-store in the form of a code that can be used to download the game.

Also debuting at the awards show will be a brand new title from BioWare, as well as some long-awaited new footage of Konami’s Metal Gear Solid: Rising.


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As much as digital has moved on, making the game digital only will alienate a large number of gamers. I myself am generally happy to spend a little money here and there on Live Arcade games and some DLC, but I'd never just buy digital. This is just publishers trying to squeeze all the money out of customers. If they move to this type of strategy then expect a fall in sales as people won't buy digital only retail-sty;e games!

I have swapped games with friends for many years and the lack of ability to swap games or get money back by selling them puts me off. Espeically when you conider those games which are still only single player ones. I'm surprised publishers haven't started releasing the SP and MP parts of games as seperate games!

Chris Church

Chris Church STUDENT
Nov 4th 2011 at 10:52AM

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