Disaster Report series scrapped

Dominic Sacco
Disaster Report series scrapped

Developer Irem has stopped production of its Disaster Report games following Japan’s tsunami and earthquake.

The firm previously announced that the fourth game in its apocalyptic earthquake series had been cancelled following the devastation in Japan earlier this month. It was scheduled to be released on PS3.

Now Andriasang is reporting that production of all past Disaster Report titles has been halted, including the first two PS2 games and the PSP title.

The site also says interest in the series has increased since the cancellation, with prices on the Amazon marketplace in Japan reaching ¥12,800 (£96), ¥7,000 (£52) and ¥8,700 (£65) for the first three respective Disaster Report games.

The first game arrived in Europe in 2003 where it is known as SOS: The Final Escape.


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