Disney aiming high with Infinity playset RRPs

Ben Parfitt
Disney aiming high with Infinity playset RRPs

Parents across the country will be locking away their wallets after seeing Disney’s planned pricing for its Disney Infinity playsets.

The game, much like Activision’s Skylanders, will ship with a peripheral called the Disney Infinity Reader which (like Skylander’s Portal) detects figures placed upon it and then reproduces them in the game.

It’s a clever way of tapping into the collectible figurine market. And also a clever way of making people pay additional premiums to access content on the disc they already own.

Three playsets will ship with Disney Infinity – The Incredibles, Monsters University and Pirates Of The Caribbean.

Consumers will also be able to buy an additional day one Playset based on the Cars IP. And according to Official Nintendo Magazine, you can expect that to cost as much as £40. Individual cars figure will retail for £12.99 a pop. And plenty more playsets are to come.

Don’t forget, too, that Disney Infinity itself costs between £55-£65 depending on platform.

Disney’s biggest challenge will perhaps – assuming that there will be some market crossover between Disney’s and Activision’s titled – be persuading punters to break free of their existing Skylanders collections and jumping ship to Disney. Will high RRPs make that harder?


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