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E3 2014 claims Twitch records with 5.9m unique daily viewers

Ben Parfitt
E3 2014 claims Twitch records with 5.9m unique daily viewers

And you thought E3 was no longer relevant?

Twitch has revealed that E3 2014 set a new sitewide viewership record for the service with 5.9m unique daily viewers logging on to watch the event.

At its peak 405,029 people were watching Twitch’s E3 livestream on day one. Over the course of the four days there were over 12m unique viewers.

Twitch has also been handed two Guinness World Records – the most participants on a single-player online video game for TwitchPlaysPokemon (1,165,140) and the most concurrent viewers for a video game livestreaming service (826,778), achieved on March 15th.

“By helping our partners get the most value out of their E3 presence with our centralized platform and our partnership with the ESA, the numbers illustrated it was a resounding success,” VP of marketing Matthew DiPietro said.

“As a result, we were able to offer our global community a front row seat to all of the best content from the show.”

Here’s an infographic that spares you the hassle of reading any of those words:


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