EA Legends makes gamers the commodity

Ben Parfitt
EA Legends makes gamers the commodity

Hardware, IP, technologies, delivery platforms – there are several aspects of the games business that are profitable for publishers. But lest we forget the newest: the consumer.

Publisher EA has unveiled EA Legend which, in its own words, is “a dynamic platform developed to provide marketers with campaign and audience insights across mobile, social, online and console games reaching over 300m people worldwide”.

The new platform, powered by nPario, effectively correlates data on a huge array of topics relating to consumer behaviour and their relationships with brands. This is then sold to third parties.

Metrics include tracking a product’s reach on social networks and audience demographic information.

"EA increased its worldwide audience reach by 30 per cent this year across its mobile, social, online and console products,” senior VP of global media solutions at EA Dave Madden stated.

“Combining that major jump in reach with the launch of EA Legend puts us in perfect position to compete directly for ad dollars that have traditionally gone to TV. EA Legend gives us an edge by providing marketers with actionable insights across all of our platforms and a complete view into how their campaigns are driving engagement with consumers."


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