EA loves Katamari

August 11th by Ben Parfitt

European gamers resentful that they never got the chance to play Namco’s critically acclaimed hit Katamari Damacy have reason to rejoice as the sequel, We Love Katamari, will be heading to Europe in 2006 courtesy of EA.

The original never made it as far as Europe, despite being released in the US and Japan. “At last, the time has come for our fans in Europe to enjoy We Love Katamari,” enthused the game’s creator Keita Takahashi.

“Basically, this is a silly game that doesn’t involve a whole lot of thinking but if you will just laugh and sing along as you roll, roll and roll, I’m sure you will find it a lot of fun.”

We Love Katamari is set for release on PS2 in Europe in early 2006.


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