EA's Gibeau: 'Zynga blew it'

Ben Parfitt
EA's Gibeau: 'Zynga blew it'

The boss of EA’s mobile business has delivered a scathing verdict on its casual gaming rival Zynga.

Speaking to The New York Times, head of mobile development Frank Gibeau said of the company: “Zynga blew it.

“They’re not a mobile business. We’re six or seven times their size in mobile. Zynga fell into a hole because they were completely focused on one platform, which is Facebook.”

Speaking of Facebook, the exec also explained EA’s decision to distance itself from the social network, adding: “We saw all the Facebook users going to smartphones.

“You can’t play a game on Facebook on a phone. Coupled with that was the fact that customer acquisition costs were on a straight line up.”


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