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The publisher has blamed the loss on difficulties surrounding distribution arrangements, plus the delay of key titles – most notably Flat Out 2.

Empire’s income over the last 15 months fell to £26.5 million, from a turnover of £29.4 million in the previous 12 months. The firm, however, remains positive about the future, and claimed that despite the overall loss, it made a £1.4 million operating profit in the last nine months. 

The publisher currently has several titles in development that it hopes will improve its position in the coming months. The line-up includes the Xbox 360 title FlatOut: Total Carnage, one title for Nintendo DS, three for PS2 and four for the PC. The firm also announced a renewed PSP focus, with six titles in development for the handheld console.  

Empire has also confirmed that discussions with third parties - which may lead to an offer being made for the company – are on-going.


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