European console installed base revealed

Ben Parfitt
European console installed base revealed

A clear picture of the total number of consoles sold in Europe has emerged today.

According to IDG data released by GameStop, the active European games console market in total is around 153m units.

114m of that are current gen machines, which breaks down like this:

- 14.7 million Sony PlayStation 3 units
- 24.9 million Nintendo Wii units
- 13.7 million Microsoft Xbox 360 units
- 14.8 million Sony PSP units
- 46 million Nintendo DS units

The numbers are actually as of December 2010, so you can assume they have risen a touch since.

But it is otherwise interesting reading. It's often difficult to pin down concurrent market sizes due to the format holders' differing timings on financial announcements, and the vagaries of shipped vs sold stats made public.


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