Funcom stock price 'could triple'

Jon Cato
Funcom stock prices up

The price of stock in Funcom has risen from 5,20 NOK last summer to 20,30 NOK in March 2012. Analysts expects further growth until the release of Funcom's next big MMO The Secret World in June.

Funcom was listed on the Norwegian Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs) in 2005, and has experienced great fluctuations in its stock price since then.

With the release of MMO Age of Conan in 2008, its stock price peaked at 55 NOK, only to suffer a huge drop in value a few months later as the game didn’t make the expected sales impact, hitting rock bottom at 2,50 NOK.

With a steady growth in stock value since last summer, analysts claim Funcom could end up as one of the big winners on Oslo Børs this year.

“Funcom is one of the stocks that could double or triple in value. If Funcom's next game is a success, they will definitely end up as the stock of the year,” analyst Espen Torgersen from Carnegie said.

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