GAME dates Tomb Raider lock-ins; Announces exclusive SKU

Ben Parfitt
GAME dates Tomb Raider lock-ins; Announces exclusive SKU

The next round of after-hours GAME lock-in events will focus on Square Enix’s upcoming Tomb Raider.

As usual the lock-ins will allow attendees to get some hands-on time with the title ahead of its UK launch on March 5th.

“Tomb Raider is a part of British gaming heritage,” GAME’s stores director Dave Howard stated. “We know how excited fans are about the upcoming game and we’re thrilled about partnering with Square Enix and Xbox to give gamers a preview of one of this year’s hottest games.

“These events are a great way of getting the UK gaming community together and chat over drinks about our shared passion.”

The retailer has also revealed a GAME Exclusive Edition of Tomb Raider for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The SKU will include additional in-game content including a Challenge Tomb and climbing upgrade

Here’s the full list of lock-ins:

· February 25th, 18.30 – Croydon
· February 25th, 18.00 – Hull Prospect                  
· February 26th, 18.00 – Leeds Headrow Centre
· February 26th, 20.00 – Milton Keynes
· February 27th, 18.00 – Norwich                              
· February 27th, 18.00 – Poole
· February 28th, 18.00 – Coventry                            
· February 28th, 21.00 – Bristol Cribbs                    
· March 1st, 18.00 – Pontypridd
· March 1st, 18.00 – Portsmouth                       


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