GAME drops 3DS to £197

Ben Parfitt
GAME drops 3DS to £197

The UK's leading specialist games retailer GAME has dropped the price of the 3DS online once again.

The chain is now charging just £196.99 for the machine via its website. This represents £33 off the £230 the retailer first asked for the machine when Nintendo's launch plans were announced in January.

This means GAME is currently in line with other retailers such as Tesco, Amazon and Toy R Us. Tesco had previously offered the 3DS for just £157, though this was later confirmed to be a mistake.

Interestingly, GAME's High Street stores are still asking £229.99 for the handheld, which launches in the UK on March 25th.

Last week indies expressed their irritation at the price war that seems to be enveloping Nintendo's machine.

“It’s a problem because the price war leads the customer to believe it’s a £199 machine. That will make retailers such as ourselves less inclined to stock it because we will make less money from it," CHIPS joint MD Don McCabe told MCV.

“If I have to discount the 3DS by £30 just to sell one, then it’s costing me money. There’s no real profit there.”


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