Games central in HMV’s ‘store of the future’

Following HMV’s statement on Tuesday outlining the its new approach, the firm’s top dog Simon Fox has revealed that gaming will have an “increasingly important role” in the business.

“Games are already a vital component of our overall product mix, but will continue to play an increasingly important role in our business going forward,” he told MCV. “Games are likely to be a key feature of our ‘store of the future’ concept, which we hope to start trialling within a few months.”

And he also spilled the beans on exactly how this ‘store of the future’ will take shape:

“We have been developing a format for the store of the future, which gives customers a totally new interactive experience,” he added.

“Based around a refreshment hub, with online access to and the social networking site, the new format will contain a facility to download music digitally and to ‘pay to play’ the latest games on new gaming consoles. We are developing store of the future formats for 10,000 and 4,000 sq ft models in two trial stores. These will launch in the early summer."


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