GamesAid charity nominations start next month

Christopher Dring
GamesAid charity nominations start next month

Industry charity GamesAid has called on games professionals to sign-up and vote on the charities it will donate money too.

GamesAid’s nominations open from August 4th to August 18th and any member of the charity can put an organisation forward. You can join GamesAid here, and nominate for charities by simply emailing:

Charities should help disadvantages and disabled children and young people, have a turnover of less than £5m a year and have administrative costs of under 30 per cent.

Once the nominations are in, a shortlist is put together and then GamesAid members can vote on the final five charities. Voting will take place between September 1st and 8th.

In 2014, £260,000 was raised and each charity received a huge £52,000 each. SpecialEffect LifeLites, Action for Kids, MAPS and Safe at Last were the receiving charities.


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