GameStop dismisses Amazon’s pre-owned move

Ben Parfitt
With GameStop’s share price slipping following the announcement of Amazon’s entry into the pre-owned games market, CEO Dan DeMatteo has dismissed the online retailer’s second hand ambitions.

“I give the probability of this working at zero,” DeMatteo told Edge. “While customers wanted to buy a new, say, Killzone 2, they weren’t going to wait the week or two weeks it took to get the credit, then buy Killzone 2. They want Killzone 2 the day it comes out. They need the money and the credit right now.”

GameStop once trialled a similar scheme but abandoned it after a low level of consumer uptake.

“Electronics Boutique also tried it and failed,” he added. “There's no consumer acceptance. With consumers, there is immediacy for currency when they want to buy a new game. It didn't work for us, and I can't see it working for them.”


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