Green Man Gaming 'to consider software publishing' in 2014

Matthew Jarvis
Green Man Gaming 'to consider software publishing' in 2014

Digital games retailer Green Man Gaming says it could begin publishing games later this year.

CEO Paul Sulyok told MCV's sister publication PCR that becoming a publisher “was certainly something we’d consider in 2014”.

He added that if the firm did opt to publish its own titles, it would stray from the traditional publishing route and would start by helping smaller developers enter the digital market.

“I don't like to think of it as publishing in the traditional publisher route,” explained Sulyok.

“I think of it more as supporting small developers who have got a great game. Three guys who have got together, put together a great game and we just come along and help them go to market.”

“We're not necessarily going to negotiate multi-million pound deals with Game and HMV to get their products out there,” he said.

Check out the full story on PCR.


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