Halo 4 - where's cheapest? (includes FREE deal)

Ben Parfitt
Halo 4 - where's cheapest? (includes FREE deal)

The first UK High Street prices for Halo 4 have gone live in this morning’s national press.

Retailer GAME will sell the game for 99p when customers trade-in any two games from its ongoing trade-in list.

Supermarket Sainsbury’s, meanwhile is offering Halo 4 for just £32.99 when purchased with 2100 Xbox Live Points. Its standalone price is £39.99.

Have you seen any other price confirmations from the UK supermarkets? Let us know on Twitter at @mcvonline. We’ll update this story as and when we have more prices.

UPDATE 1: Users have contacted MCV with a link to a £30 deal on Tesco Direct using a discount code. You can find details here.

UPDATE 2: "It doesn't get much cheaper than free", we're told. And they're right! HMV is offering Halo 4 for free when you trade in any two of the following: 007 Legends, Borderlands 2, Dishonored, F1 2012, FIFA 13, Forza: Horizon, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, PES 2013, Resident Evil 6 or XCOM Enemy Unknown.


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