IDG Research sales forecast: 2008 & 2009

IDG Research sales forecast: 2008 & 2009
(First figure, 2008; second figure, 2009)


US handheld: 12.5m 10.7m
US console: 20.1m 17.2m
US Total: 32.6m 27.9m

Euro handheld: 14.6 10.7m
Euro console: 14.8m 13.1m
Euro total: 29.4m 23.8m

US and European hardware sales are expected to drop - by over four million units in the US and a whopping six million units in Europe. Both the handheld and home console markets are expcted to suffer.


US Handheld: 80.1m 68.7m
US Console: 174.1m 181.0m
US Total: 254.2m 249.7m

Euro Handheld: 84m 75.5m
Euro Console: 107m 106.9m
Euro total: 191m 182.4m

Total software sales are forecast to suffer an even more marked dip than hardware. Handheld games are set to be the worst hit, according to IDG - dropping by over 11 million units per year in the US and eight million units in Europe.


US: 286.8m 277.6m
Europe: 220.4m 206.2m


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