IGA Strikes again with Valve deal

It is being billed by the two firms as one of the biggest deals of its kind and will provide Counter-Strike gamers with IGA’s Radial dynamic in-game advertising network during play.

“This exclusive agreement between IGA Worldwide and Valve adds significant value to our network and provides brands with a surefire way to reach millions of consumers with high impact advertising, and with highly measurable results,” said Justin Townsend, CEO of IGA Worldwide.

“We have created a new mass-reach advertising channel where we can deliver targeted ‘above the line’ advertising creative to the living rooms of highly engaged, hard to reach demographics, yet with the measurability of below the line mediums such as online.”

Director of marketing at Valve Doug Lombardi added: “As the world’s premier online action game, Counter-Strike’s player minutes exceed its closest competitor by more than 100 per cent. Additionally, Counter-Strike rivals many of the current top ten watched shows on American televisions."

"For instance, a top ranked, one hour, weekly program garners 20 million viewers and results in approximately 4.8 billion viewer minutes per month. Conversely, Counter-Strike generates over five billion player minutes in the same period of time. And, nobody fast-forwards through any part of Counter-Strike.”


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