IN PICTURES: The new-look Europe-only 12GB PS3

Ben Parfitt
IN PICTURES: The new-look Europe-only 12GB PS3

Here are the first official shots of the nameless new very-slim-indeed PS3.

As well as the shots, Sony has confirmed some other details about its new console.

The €229.99 12GB model, the first and only PS3 with flash memory, is only being released in Europe, with Asia and American instead getting a 250GB model.

Sony is also releasing a separate dedicated 250GB hard drive that can be installed in the machine, although once installed the console’s internal 12GB storage will no longer be accessible.

As previously reported, the £299.99 500GB SKU will be released in the UK on September 28th. A GAME-exclusive FIFA 13 bundle will hit the shelves on the same day. The 12GB model will be released on October 12th.

Here are the pics:



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