Indies: 'Special editions for big retail chains are restrictive trade'

Dominic Sacco
Indies: 'Special editions for big retail chains are restrictive trade'

Limited edition games sold only in GAME and HMV are a restrictive trade practice, say indie retailers.

This includes products such as the £59.99 Forza Motorsport 4 Limited Edition exclusive to GAME and Gamestation, and the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Animus Edition – which is for sale in the UK only via GameStop online.

Simon Mitchell from Eclipse Home Entertainment told MCV: “I was annoyed with the Forza 4 Limited Edition which had extra cars. When my customers found out I didn’t have it, it turned a lot of people away. They left.

“I would’ve liked the opportunity to buy it. But what I really do want is a level playing field.”

A leading indie retailer added: “I was disappointed that GAME Group’s prediction for a good Christmas was based upon how many titles they had as exclusive special editions. This effectively stitches up all the other retailers, and as far as I’m concerned this is restrictive trade.”

Sam Semaan from N1 Games is more optimistic.

“It doesn’t bother us,” he told MCV. “We had the opportunity to stock the Gears of War 3 Limited Edition game. We ask our customers what they want first.”


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Indies get shafted by everyone why would Special Editions be any different !

Michael Pearce

Michael Pearce INDUSTRY
Nov 4th 2011 at 1:31PM

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This is quite true, I no longer buy from Indies because of the Collector's editions. I feel we got shafted with the Uncharted 3 one though.

Jonathan Chamberlain

Jonathan Chamberlain STUDENT
Nov 4th 2011 at 11:11PM

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Its not just the exclusive games either, the limited edition consoles are always exclusive to the big boys, it gives them an unfair advantage.

Michael Pearce

Michael Pearce INDUSTRY
Nov 5th 2011 at 9:28AM

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