Introducing the low-cost £30 Android tablet

Ben Parfitt
Introducing the low-cost £30 Android tablet

You can now buy two Android tablets for the price of a single PS4 controller.

Note, however, that while Sony’s latest joypad is an absolute joy to use, the new £30 UbiSlate 7Ci from DataWind is likely to be somewhat less rewarding.

With just 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, a single-core 1GHz CPU and an 800x400 screen the device certainly packs what can at best be considered low-end specs.

That the likes of ‘Facebook available’, ‘E-mail available’ and ‘Games Available’ are listed amongst the features is unlikely to inspire confidence either.

The UbiSlate is the latest in an increasingly long line of low-cost Android tabelts such as the decent £120 Tesco Hudl, the questionable £99 Argos My Tablet or the middling £79 Aldi Lifetab.


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