iOS game Mass Effect: Infiltrator gets £34.99 DLC

Ben Parfitt
iOS game Mass Effect: Infiltrator gets £34.99 DLC

Consumers are clearly winning to pay in excess of £40 for a copy of Mass Effect 3, but are they willing to do the same for its companion iOS title?

EA certainly hopes so. Mass Effect: Infiltrator was released on iPhone and iPad yesterday. It costs £4.99 to download.

However, as spotted by Eurogamer, the title also offers an array of in-app purchase options. And the most expensive one weighs in at an eye-watering £34.99.

For the money players will receive 200,000 in-game credits that can be spent on an assortment of digital goodies such as weapons and armour.

Credits can be earned in-game, of course, though at a far slower rate.

Other options for those who’d prefer to buy their success range from 75,000 credits for £17.49 all the way down to 2,500 credits for £1.49.

Mass Effect 3, which offers a certain amount of interactivity with ME: Infiltrator, will be released in the UK this Friday.


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A free game should have the ability to charge for things like that but not a £5 game.
Think I'll be sticking with the standard edition of ME3 and whatever single player DLC Bioware releases.

Phil Evans

Mar 7th 2012 at 11:58AM

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