iPhone 5 tipped for summer launch

Ben Parfitt
iPhone 5 tipped for summer launch

Rumours believed to have stemmed from China’s notorious Foxconn manufacturing plant suggest that iPhone 5 might be released as early as the summer.

With iPhone 4S having only arrived in October 2011 – and that some two years plus after iPhone 3GS – a June or July launch would appear on paper o be exceptionally early.

Nonetheless, the rumours reported by 9to5Mac also claim the device will have a four inch LG display and, despite some rumours, be completely flat. They also claim that several variants of the prototype are doing the rounds.

If production is to go into production in the next few months as anticipated, that would certainly indicate a strategic return to Apple’s traditional summer release timetable.


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Having bought an iPhone 4S last October, I can't say I'll rush to buy one.

Hopefully they'll dump the useless fluff like "Siri" the verbal search engine that can't understand Oxford English spoken clearly (unless you're in a sound-proof box) and spends most of its time telling you "sorry I can't do a thing if you live outside North America"!
Instead maybe they could make tethering generally available and not service-provider dependant. Also, making the phone a WiFi hotspot as a feature for all, not something your provider can (again) turn off!
With more models on the way, Apple are endangering the universal compatibility that set them apart from Android and Co. - no longer can you have one App that runs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod
Apple need to be very aware that Blackberry used to be where they are now and they can fall just as far, just as fast. The customer rules, not the profit margin - because when one leaves, so the other does.

Anthony Hunt

Anthony Hunt INDUSTRY
Jan 26th 2012 at 3:33PM

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I wonder if this is from the same source that the iPad 3 would be out 6 months after the iPad 2 and then the iPad 3 would be released in Jan.

Phil Evans

Jan 26th 2012 at 3:47PM

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