Iwata adds to download rush

Satoru Iwata's presentation on the second day of the game development event in San Jose failed to reveal anything new about the Revolution console, but rammed home the Nintendo president's belief that the market cannot grow if solely focused on licence or franchise-heavy premium releases.

Nintendo will give consumers access to a huge library of downloadable content via the Revolution's Virtual Console server  - including a newly announced bank of old Sega Mega Drive and Hudson Soft games.

More importantly, it wants developers to believe they can produce smaller or even offbeat games in the next-gen era whilst still reaching consumers and earning revenue.

"Many publishers are comfortable relying on big budget sequels or licences, but as a result our industry is starting to resemble a book store that only sells expensive full sets of encyclopaedias - no paper backs or magazines," said Iwata. Nintendo intends to produce games and business models that "disrupt the current video games landscape."
The big news about Revolution is to come, and announcements such as a Zelda title for DS ultimately failed to satisfy a fanboy-packed auditorium.

Far meatier news will emerge at E3, but digital distribution will also figure high on the agenda.


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